Thursday, September 13, 2007

Deaths Come in Twos

Mama always said that people die in threes.
When she watchin' some deaths on the news she says,
"I know there gonna' be another" and for awhile
I was sho she was right.

See, Mama is a God-fearing woman and if the Devil
tell ya that deaths come in twos, well then he plain wrong.
At least that what I was taught.
But I only think that twos are bettah than threes
Cuz when a man and his wife depart this life togethah,
Well, that bettah than a man, his wife, and some other man's wife.

Make sense, naw?
I feel like this, when a man dies
He takes his two feet and his two good hands
And if he ain too old, then maybe e'en two seeing eyes
So I swear this death coming in twos ain't no work a' da Devil
Cuz I think the good Lord... well He like things in pairs.

So I'za reckon to myself that when my dead soul
Ain gonna look up and see those shovels
Pouring dat dirt on toppah ma head, I hope I ain't alone
Cuz I just hope that death comes in twos and I ain the only one.
Devil or no Devil...

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