Thursday, November 30, 2006

thanksgiving cannot be deterritorialized

it is geographically bounded and exclusive to a specific place and people and quickly forgotten once those borders are left behind. paris cannot bridge the distance, asia cannot bridge the distance, and the inability of email to recreate family reunions will also fail to bridge the distance spanned between intensive farming and the divine meal that hides slaughter. happy belated-thanksgiving to those outside the nation-state, to those who are beyond the pull of soft and structural powers and immune to a nationalism that bundles together Mother Goose's diffuse flock in the name of some unitary existence: a mere facade for the perplexity and complexity of hegemonic identity. i didn't do all this..., but strangers are none the wiser, and friends wiser than none. you are left alone in this sordid contemplation which shakes no mountains free of dandruff nor returns plastic bags to their mesozoic roots. you are put powerless in this place when all that can be done is pass.. more... policy...

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